The PutzCast Ep. 29

Back and late…


But hey we are in fact back and almost back to 100%. But not quite there yet. So with this week or rather meant to be last week episode 29 is finally here for your listening pleasure. After a week of procrastination and dentist appointment Zombi and Nappa are back to fill your head with their useless opinions and thoughts

We are working hard to bring you guys as much content as possible. Including a few new shirt designs, a PutzCast Comic, The PutzCast: Origins and more videos!

This time around we discuss zombi’s favorite sport Bowling, our favorite Comics, Our upcoming Game, Failed movies kickstarters, future technology and so much more!

Link Dump
Lost One Sock Yesterday, One Today, Now I’m Even Rainbow Dash Presents
Dawn Somewhere Music section
Yakko counting to 100
Game Blog
J-Dub Leaves Channel Awesome
You Can Play
The War Z
Nerdist All Star Celebrity Bowling
Chris Hardwick
Kids in the Hall
Dave Foley
Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs
Deus Ex Robot limbs
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Questionable content
TMNT Gaiden
Garfeild minus Garfield
The Comicstrip Critic
Garfeild Minus Garfield article
Garfield Minus Garfield Book
Baby Blues
Family Circus
Jeremey Creek
Family Circus comic Warhammer 40K
Alley Oop
Dagwood Ham
Uncle Ruckus Movie
Black Rage
Project Glass
I want you so bad

About Zombifaction

Yo, I'm Zombi. I run ThePutzCast and all it's social media outlets!

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