The PutzCast Podcast 38


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Fugitive Alien Song
Batman Arkham Origins
Saint Row the 4th
Kickass 2
Chris Patton
Patton Oswalt
Chris Kattan
SNL Mango
Will Ferrell
Spartans Cheerleader sketch
Samuel L. Jackson
Big Black Toph
Silent Bob from Mall Rats figure
Strange Questions Playlist
Sign language Niglet
NSFW The Shocker NSFW
Mick Foley Bang Bang
Mick Foley Shirt
John Cena
Urban Dictionary Waggle
Cleverbot Hates Black People
Treechigo Shirt
Daryl Dixon
Mike Kroon
Internet Box Podcast
I ate the Bones Ad campaign
Nic Cage
The WickerMan
How to install GTA 5
Black Lagoon
Damian Wayne
Flash Show
Azog the Defiler
Puma Man

The PutzCast Podcast 37

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Stone Cold and The Rock Singing

Trayvon Matrin

MLK in a Hoodie>

Pink Mass Story

Aquaman Doesn’t Suck

Indiana Comic Con

Batman Arkham Asylum Detective Mode

NSFW Maggie Gyllenhaal NSFW

Internet Box Podcast

Chris Evans

Rooster Teeth


RT Shorts Captain America

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


Boyfriend pillow

Fat Bastard

Austin Powers


American Dad

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

Same Love

Bubble Butt

Treat me like a Pirate

Zombi’s Chest

Green Hornet

Seth Rogen

Michael Cera

This is the End

Pacific Rim

Kevin Smith


Fatman and Boy Blubber


Drawn Together

The Drawn Together Movie: The Movie!

The PutzCast Podcast 36

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Shameless Whores by Daniel Rothermann
yoga pants
The Howling
ThePutzCast YouTube
World War Z
Xbox One
DeadRising 3
The Last Airbender
Pasteurized milk
Twilight Zone: 5 Characters in Search of an Exit
Larry the Cable Guy
A Simply Walk into Mordor
USB finger
3D printing
Paul Bearer
New Fake Barbie
Insane Clown Posse
Egghead 60’s batman
TMNT 2012
Cirque du Soleil performer dies
Doink the Clown Dead
Hell in a Cell ’98 Undertaker vs Mankind
Bathroom survey
Deadpool Game
V.V. Argost
Secret Saturdays

The PutzCast Podcast 33

Back again! The PutzCast Podcast is back again with Episode 33! Wow, every time I do these it startles me how far we have come. I used to stop doing things after maybe 5 of them, then move onto something new. I think I should write for the BBC, 6 episodes of something then I’m off to new prospects. That said I’m still working on a new Movie-Faction.

So Yachi, Nappa and I (Zombi) are back to bring you a nice little waste of your time. While Yachi is busy with Lollipop Chainsaw Nappa and I are discussing everything we can think of! We hope you are enjoying our LP of BioShock Infinite as well so let’s move on to the podcast.

This time around we discuss The Pilot to ZombieLand, Metal Gear Solid,
The Beatles, Creepy Children, Blood Dragons and Shadow people and so
much more!


Link Dump
errrbody in the club gettin tipsy ;A; RIP SNOOP DOGG by Nyanners
First of May by Jonathan Coulton (Free from his own site!)
Futurama Cancelled again
Secret Life of an American Teenager
Peter Cullan the voice of the Predator
2 Best Friends Play Predator Concrete Jungle
Mark Hamill
Regular Show
Duke Nukem Mod Trailer
Duke Nukem Forever 2001 trailer
John Saint John
Lollipop chainsaw
Suda 51
Killer 7
Micheal Rooker
Kurt Russell
Escape from New York
Doug’s Top 10 Favorite characters (Doc Holiday)
Mila Kunis
Salma Hayek
Shit Demon in Dogma
The Last Days of Fox Hound
The PutzCast Webcomic
ZombieLand Pilot
Pacific Rim
Guillermo del Toro
Ron Perlman
Tim Curry
Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion
Ed, Edd & Eddy Purgatory theory
Angelica insane Theory
Pinkie Pie Cancer Story
Young Justice
Deathstroke’s Pony Tail
Teen Titans Go!
R.I.P.D. Trailer
Knight of Badassdom Trailer
Tim Tebow
Jayson Collins
It’s Okay to be Gay by Tomboy
Deadpool Movie
Twilight Rifftrax
CGI Baby (Renesmee)
Pet Cemetary Kid (Miko Hughes)
Fred Gwynne
Gay Kid from Full House (Blake McIver Ewing)
Suddenly Seymour
Ice Cream pop tart thing
The Beatles
Paw’s Music Movies: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Across the Universe
Jim Carrey Sings “I Am The Walrus”
A little Help from my friends by Joe Cocker
Spiderman Turn off the Dark
Alan Wake
Power Glove
I love you Phillip Morris IMDB

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The PutzCast Podcast 32

Back again is The PutzCast Podcast, sadly lacking a sponsorship deal still. Hopefully that will change one day. But sadly that day isn’t here yet. But what a fine episode we have for you today.

So Nappa is trying to organize a special for us in which we play Card Games Against Humanity. So we will have more details about that hopefully till then this episode is just a peach so let’s get to the meat of this salad.

This time around we discuss Injustice: Gods Among Us, The possibility that The Joker and Lori are still bopping around, Jamie Foxx playing Electro in the new Spiderman movie, Our current and up coming Let’s Plays, Kevin Smith and much more!

Link Dump
Spark Mandrill’s Theme Acapella by Smooth McGroove
Kevin Smith
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Michael Rooker
Jay and Silent Bob’s Super Groovy Cartoon Movie
Harely Quinn
Tara Strong>
SFW CockKnocker SFW
Smodcast Cartoons
Comicbook Men
Fatman on Batman
Injustice Battle Arena
Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith on Batman vs Bane
Captain Marvel
Psy’s new Single Gentleman
Eddie Murphies purple suit
North Korean Missle Lauch
Dante’s Peak IMDB
Volcano IMDB
Metro 2033
Don Cheadle
Don Cheadle is Captain Planet
Funny or Die
NSFW Halle Berry’s Boobs in Swordfish NSFW
Injustice: Gods Among Us
Postal 2 Let’s Play
Mega Man X
Cave Story
Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Thor: The Dark World IMDB
Christopher Eccelston
Ray Stevenson
Jamie Foxx as Electro
Far Cry 3 DLC: Blood Dragon trailer
AMC’s The Walking Dead
Telltale’s The Walking Dead
Joker still alive in the Arkham games?
Man of Steel
Making new DBZ
Highschool of the Dead Ch 30
Cards Against HumanityBoston Bombing

The PutzCast Ep. 31

So after being gone for nearly a month, sorry about that again, we are back up and running! And while our blogger based site is still being remodeled we can’t help but try and post content for you guys.

So Yachi, Nappa and Zombi are back and boy did we have a good time. We got the first comic up and running, we are workin with the artists who does the comic, neodragon115, in hopes we can get a weekly comic going. Nappa’s hard at work with the game and his Game Talk series while Zombi is busy dealing with the HTML and site, Yachi is just looking pretty while everyone is hard at work for the site. So let’s get to the point to this post The 31st Episode!

So this time around we discuss The Rock, G.I. Joe, Sacha Baron Cohen, The greatest cast of Avatar ever, Ladyboys, More Movies and much much more!


Link Dump
Secret Tunnel by I KIll Giants
Kitchen Nightmares
The Hangover Part 2
G.I. Joe Resolute
G.I. Joe Retaliation
Wolverine Vs. The Punisher
Sacha Baren Cohen to play Freddie Mercury
Helena Bonham Carter
Milla Jovovich
The PutzCast Comic
Saint’s Row 4
Metal Wolf Chaos
2 Best Friends Play: Metla Wolf Chaos
The Last Airbender
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
John Cena
John Cena Hand Thing
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1
Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2
Superman Vs. The Elite
The Wolverine Trailer
Kick Ass 2 Redband Trailer
Pacific Rim
All Critics Must Die
Those Who Fight Teaser
The World’s End
Metal Gear Solid
Songs from Mother Goose
Lucas Arts Shut Down
Star Wars Battle Front
Pokemon Snap

The PutzCast Ep. 29

Back and late…


But hey we are in fact back and almost back to 100%. But not quite there yet. So with this week or rather meant to be last week episode 29 is finally here for your listening pleasure. After a week of procrastination and dentist appointment Zombi and Nappa are back to fill your head with their useless opinions and thoughts

We are working hard to bring you guys as much content as possible. Including a few new shirt designs, a PutzCast Comic, The PutzCast: Origins and more videos!

This time around we discuss zombi’s favorite sport Bowling, our favorite Comics, Our upcoming Game, Failed movies kickstarters, future technology and so much more!

Link Dump
Lost One Sock Yesterday, One Today, Now I’m Even Rainbow Dash Presents
Dawn Somewhere Music section
Yakko counting to 100
Game Blog
J-Dub Leaves Channel Awesome
You Can Play
The War Z
Nerdist All Star Celebrity Bowling
Chris Hardwick
Kids in the Hall
Dave Foley
Wearable Gesture Control from Thalmic Labs
Deus Ex Robot limbs
Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
Questionable content
TMNT Gaiden
Garfeild minus Garfield
The Comicstrip Critic
Garfeild Minus Garfield article
Garfield Minus Garfield Book
Baby Blues
Family Circus
Jeremey Creek
Family Circus comic Warhammer 40K
Alley Oop
Dagwood Ham
Uncle Ruckus Movie
Black Rage
Project Glass
I want you so bad

Adventures in Dead Space (Part 1)

Strange Questions 34: Black Holes

Let’s Play Rogue Legacy (Part 19)

Let’s Play Rogue Legacy (Part 18)

Strange Questions 33: Digital Distribution